Kathleen Trayner

While I work primarily on the island, over the last few years I have sought out other landscapes than the coast, and learned to love desert and sage hills, and deep forests. In studio, I often work on interior landscapes, more than just still life: the brush of a curtain or the random objects on a counter, a long shelf, a curtain blowing, or a hat on the wall.

My work investigates physical form, planes, and space, and movement of these in nature. I try to capture the visual collisions between features in the terrain.  It also examines aspects of negative space and tension; often focusing on where these intersect.  Some works are further developed in studio. Each practice informs and compliments the other. Therefore, my subjects range from landscape to interiors, to captured moments and dreamscapes.

My process is to work quickly with the energy of location and time, and to connect the act of painting to place.  For this reason, I often paint quickly, and expressively. Painting outside in nature, year-round, is both a challenge and pleasure, trying to stay in the moment and stay warm. 

Selected Recent Shows and events

  • January 2020  Abstract/Nature? Cedar Hill Art Centre with D. McCuisdin
  • July 2019 Participant (on Bursary) to Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts
  • January 2019 Finding the Morning Light, Coast Collective Gallery
  • December 2018 Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Small Works

Annual Shows 2014-present

  • Al Frescos Plein Air – Coastal Collective
  • Moss Street Paint-In
  • Esquimalt Urban Arts Tour